Whispers of the Bride

October 16, 2022

Could this be the whispers of the Bride?

“The more I am with You, the more I desire You.  I more I desire You, the more I love You.  The more I love You, I can no longer be apart from You.  I will not, I cannot live without You, I now must live in and from You.”  The branch, never separated from the Vine.

As David cried, “Take not Your Spirit from me, remove me not from Your Presence, I must abide in Your house forever”.  David heard Him call him, woo him, “Come and talk with Me, and his heart responded, Lord I am coming” (PS 27).  May we always come, always remain, so taken by intimacy with Him, that we live in and from this vital union, in loving wonder.

The passionate love of the Bride longing for and lingering in the arms of her King.  Just to hear His voice, and forever gaze on His face.  Jesus said, “This is eternal life… that they would know Me.”  This is a knowing beyond the academic, beyond Western thinking… “I know all about this, I read about it in a book.” This is not of the head; this is of the heart. It is not intellectual, not reasoned, it is beyond our natural understanding.  This is Spirit, and established in truth; the reality of who He is.

He becomes the object of our love and affection, that we begin to know Him. A knowing through experience, through the touching, the seeing, the beholding, the holding and fascination with someone so beautiful, so rare, so holy, so profound, that just as the Cherubim, we cry Holy, Holy, Holy.

How can One be beautiful beyond compare, yet Almighty, All-Powerful and be Love? How can it be, that we are made in the image of Love and that Love calls us unto Himself?  I AM that I AM.  I AM Love.  I IS LOVE.   I BE LOVE.  Nothing, no one, can change this.  HE IS.  He is love.  Was, is, forever will be… Love. 

We find ourselves in the very center of Love.  One with Love.  It is who He is, He can be nothing else; He is unchanging.  Always… Love.  If we choose to live there, we will always be in the center of, in the palm of Love Himself.

Holy Spirit, break through, break down any hardness of heart which keeps us from seeing, wanting Him, running to Him.  Like Esther, in preparation to see the King, soak us in Myrrh, remove the scales, cleanse our hearts, remove the infection in wounds, providing healing, instead of Band-Aids. Remove the old wineskin, giving the new.

Father, thank You for forgiving us for familiarity, apathy, indifference; for having lost the freshness and awe of “first love”.  We repent for distractions that have replaced our longing and desire for You.  While repentant, we are dependent, even in this, for Your help.  Holy Spirit, take our hands, take our hearts, breathe afresh in, on, and over us.

Change our hearts, bringing us back to “first love”, with a resolve to forever cherish, and pursue ever-increasing depth in our relationship with Him. Thank You for wholeness, for the Bride, missing and lacking nothing, clothed in fresh garments, radiating her identity, that she may, without shame, walk with and gaze into the eyes of her King.

Please teach us how to tend to Him, before the throne, and in personal intimacy as we linger in His chambers.  Prepare the Bride, to be ready for presentation to her King… without spot, without wrinkle, pure, holy, beautiful, glorious… a reflection of Him.  A reflection of and made perfect in Love, consumed with a passionate, all-consuming longing for her King.

Psalm 23:6

Psalm 27:4;8 (NLT)

Psalm 51:11

John 15:1-15

1 John 1:9

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