The Key – Holy Spirit

October 15, 2022

Many speak, many hear, many release, but is it with the manna of today, or is it rancid? If it is fresh “baked”, it carries the fragrance of the Lord, the sweetness of honey, and the comfort and warmth of “just out of the oven”.

Life is found in the daily manna, the Bread of Life, His Word(s) today, released with the freshness of the breath of God, over you, for your today. For you now. He walks with you, is with you in your now.

Jesus spent the predawn hours with His Father.  He was not only submitted to the Father’s orchestration of events that would unfold during the day but dependent on His life, His breath, and His Word to sustain Him.  It was His manna.  It was His life source. 

He knew (experientially) the importance of daily time alone with His Father, to worship, listen, speak with, and be refreshed by Holy Spirit.  He allowed the river within to bubble up so that it could become a river that flowed out so that just like the woman at the well, others would never have to thirst again.  They too, could partake in and drink from that same river, allowing it to flow in and through them.  He was modeling a life lived in and from a river, ever-flowing, never-ending.

This is the key to the ministry for others, and captives being set free.  The anointing, the free-flowing river, the now Word, with the fresh breath of Holy Spirit breaks the yoke. Our words do not carry life… His do.  His Word(s) are backed by all of heaven’s hosts, ministering angels, authority, and power.  To these, the enemy quickly bows.  To these, the adversary shudders.  The power in these words, His words shatter chains of bondage.  This is supernatural, carried and released through us, but birthed by and imparted through the Spirit.

A fresh word, a Holy Spirit word, impregnated with power, and life will divide between the soul and spirit.  It will penetrate the depths of a person.  It will unlock closed doors that were inaccessible.  It will collapse platforms of the enemy that have been used by the adversary to continually play tape recorders declaring lies, so that truth can be heard and received.  The timely word of Holy Spirit, is a sword, carrying the light, releasing the power needed at the moment, in the hour for deliverance, freedom, healing, and alignment.

To see the captives free, we need His Word, His key, found as we walk in sync with Holy Spirit’s leading.  May we decrease, that He increases.  May our words be only those which are impregnated with the breath and life of God.  May He be lifted up, may He be exalted, and all men be drawn to Him alone… not us.

Numbers 31:3-7

Deuteronomy 8:3

Matthew 4:4

John 3:14;30

John 4:32-33

John 12:32

Hebrews 4:12

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