Prophetic Release: What’s Up with the Nest??

Many find themselves in a season with seemingly conflicting components.

· There is a calling from the Father to come deeper still, hearing what He would say. It is a place of shelter from the storm, of refreshing, and of gaining a greater understanding of our identity. He is unveiling and confirming assignment(s) given to his children; to be walked out hand in hand with Him.

· Many are sensing reorganization, somewhat like walking into a dimly lit kitchen at night, thinking you know exactly what we want, and where it is, yet finding it is not there. It is not necessarily that it is lost forever, but we can’t locate it. Some things He may remove for our good and some things may be packaged differently or relocated in our future. All lead to greater and continuing collaboration with Him and increasing trust as we find our footing through Holy Spirit. The blueprints are unfolding. You will not remain in the dark. Trust in His timing.

· We ARE FULLY DEPENDENT in every way, for everything on the Father’s provision, leadership, and guidance. This is the crucified life, not I, but Him. We cannot lean on the arm of the flesh and walk in the Spirit. The enemy would like to bring uncertainty and fear at this moment, creating opportunities to doubt and question one’s ability to hear His voice or follow His lead. This is not so. The sheep, through intimacy, know His voice. Their ear is tuned to the sound of His calling and leading.

I have watched shepherds gathered, their flocks feeding together. When it is time to move, a shepherd stands, begins walking, and calls his sheep, through song or words. His sheep alone, immediately respond and run after him, because they know his voice, and they know he loves and cares for them. They have no desire to be separated from their shepherd. We too, do and will hear when He leads and calls, as we remain in a relationship of intimacy with Him.

· There is also the sense of the shifting of seasons, much like the shift taking place in the nest of an eagle. Not the favorite time of a fledging. Feelings that conflict. Eaglets wish to remain in their place of comfort, rest, and provision… yet they want to reach beyond their present boundaries and fly, mimicking their parents. They want to do what daddy does.

There may be hesitation of leaving the known, yet the anticipation of the future, what is beyond. There is also the process of change in the nest, encouraging the fledglings to take flight. The nest becomes crowded after all the eaglets are maturing. They are growing quickly, while the nest is not. The parents dig into the base layer of the nest, bringing up the thorns, laying them on top, and turning the comfortable fluff into a prickly bed. Life is as they know it is changing for the fledglings. What’s up with the nest? We were never meant to remain clustered together. Jesus told the disciples, “Go…” to soar.

Change doesn’t always come with a blueprint we see or in the moment, or fully comprehend at the time. Trust. The fledglings will trust and follow the instructions of their parents as they fly under their supervision and direction. Father knows what you need. The sheep run after the shepherd’s voice, wherever He leads. Remain close, your hand in His. Remember… He is the Great Shepherd. You know His voice. Trust in His unfailing love. There is no failure in Him.

Some are dealing with harassment from the enemy, planting seeds that His leading will be missed. These are lies, intended to pull you back in retreat. He is trying to plant seeds of fear, for something that is not. Let’s deal with that lie head-on. While the adversary is subtle, God is not. He does not undermine us, but strengthen us with the truth… that He is more than enough, in every situation, at every turn.

Is a misstep bigger than our God? Does this catch Him by surprise? A shepherd leaves the ninety-nine to find the one. Would we ever be out of His eyesight, and away from His mercy and lovingkindness? “Nay, says the Lord, even when Peter missed it, did I not go find him? Did I not pursue him? I will never leave you or forsake you. My eyes are ever on you. I watch over you. I care for you. Remove the lies from your heart and mind. Replace them with my Word(s). Just walk with Me, in Me, through Me. As a shepherd, I will lead you, and you will find yourself in greater places of intimacy and trust, that you may know me more fully.”

All the “oops” are covered by His blood. He knows our beginning from your end. The final page of our books were written first. He has all the bases, all the steps, and all paths covered in between. He has you. Rest in the trust and knowledge of His character. He is good. He is faithful. Sit at His feet, rest, and allow Him to speak. From this place, joyfully anticipate change, flight plans, incoming blueprints, and flight preparations… for surely we are preparing to fly.

3 thoughts on “Prophetic Release: What’s Up with the Nest??

    1. He is good, isn’t He? I am amazed at how timely His words are, even for me. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t come up against obstacle for which He tells me to go back and read the word from that day, or a previous one, and walk it out. He has me under His thumb… no place I would rather be. Nothing escapes Holy Spirit. Blessings to you!


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