Testimonies… He is Faithful!

“I’m grateful to God for Janice. I have been truly blessed by her ministry, not just because she encouraged me prophetically, took the time to really listen, lifted me rather than rebuked me, but what impressed me the most was how the spirit of God exudes from her being, even over the phone– This sister has been with Jesus!

God truly met with me and ministered deep within my being, bringing me to tears (which doesn’t always happen ). There was freedom as we prayed, It was hard to get off the phone. And yet, she is balanced and points me back to the only One Who actually is the answer to all I need. My flesh doesn’t alway appreciate that, but I certainly do!

Thank you Janice, for ever even taking the time.” ❤️ – Joyce

I am so floored by this.  So needed, thank you!  I ADORE You, God, Father, Yeshua and Ruach Ha’Kodesh.  The one true God, the only reason I’m alive and breathing!  Braise your Holy Name! – Christi

A word in season. Thank you Lord. This is received. Amen! Shalom. Wow! – Tony

Thank you so much for this.  It was as if you were in the room during my prayer with the Lord this morning.  Praise God for a rhema word in due season! – Shelly

Thank you so much Ma’am! You have the Heart of our Father and speak His Word in spirit and in truth. I pray a blessing over your life, precious woman of God! – Cynthia

Your last post is exactly the response to my questions. The Lord is so amazing – Nellie

Powerful confirmation.  I landed recently!  Yahweh brought us safely where we needed to be! Always with Him.  He is showing us so much.  Praise His Holy Name! – D’vora

Just yesterday He led me to your message and you wrote how God told you to begin reading Psalm 91 everyday!!! I was blown away to say the least at God’s awesomeness to always put the intricate details together.

Also as I read your message on the group of how God moved and moves in your life. I am so so grateful and blessed to see you have those video teachings I’ve already watched 2 and wow!! Psalm 91 is the center! How can God be so good? But he is!!!!

Anyway just wanted to let you know you are an answer to prayer.  I have been forever changed by the goodness of God ever since I’ve been desiring to know all that I can to be a vessel for him. Praise God!

Thank you for being such a vessel for God! I’ll be watching every teaching!!!!  

Janice, a good (prophetic) word grounded in scripture! I like that. Many symbolism speaking into my life and season. I’ll try point out a few:

1. Jordan river crossing – Lord has extensively dealt with me about the book of Joshua and I knew all about the crossing so it was awesome that Holy Spirit showed that to you.

2. Place of dwelling in His presence waiting for ambush – huge preparation and waiting season for me. I’m very much in the shadows and just waiting upon the Lord.

3. Removing left over baggage – just moved recently and got rid of many things in my life (not just physical) so Holy Spirit is up to some more cleansing, I like it 👌🏼

 4. The 3 days recovery period – sanctification, refining and healing – very cool. I didn’t know that but I believe I know what it means to me in my life. It’s something the Lord has been speaking to me about that’s still coming. Makes perfect sense. And the enemy being afraid as well. I love that 🙌🏼

I love that 👏🏼 what’s in the arc. So good. Walking in that already and have learned to trust the Lord for my mana.

Great word, love it. Thank you.

It was so powerful praying with Janice.  As we prayed together she placed the focus of God and his goodness. That very quickly filled my heart with joy and great courage, fanning the flames of what and in whom I had placed my trust. 

My worry melted away as we declared the goodness of the Lord.  The confidence in God was so strong that the request became almost a second thought, because the greatness of God became so real that it made the concern unimportant because God is so Great! 

Thank you Janice for helping me speak the truth in faith and encourage me in the Lord.

God is so good isn’t he! Your teachings are such a gift! What I’m Learning through your teachings is to be still. To really let all of what God is saying speak to me.

I love your testimony of yielding to God in every situation and hearing him and feeling his presence so fully. Thank you for being such a strong vessel for Gods kingdom! You are truly a glory carrier💗🙌🏻🔥⭐️

I am so blown away by Janice’s style, how God talks to/through her and how she delivers the very deep messages in such an easy to understand format to us, the listeners.

She delivers her message in such a kind, loving way, like a dear friend sitting so close… speaking slowly, soothingly, calmly to the heart.  I love her little educational bits that she includes so we can get a deeper understanding of the context and/or background of Bible verses and times. 

God and His partnership with Janice is amazing…a true WOW! 

WOWWW, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES AND AMEN. Thank you for delivering this powerful and effective and timely word of God with the Holy Spirit fire. I will continue to reread this as often as needed so to put it into action.  Blessings to you mighty woman of God – Lana




AMEN AND AMEN – Stephany

An awesome word for NOW.  Great encouragement – Jenny

Thank you so much. What a lovely lady you are wanting to see people set free and walk in wholeness – Janine

I love your prophetic words! They speak to my heart as an evangelist. 😊 – Janice L

Thank you for this word!

I receive it with my whole heart – Stephany

My sister, oh how you have answered a prayer of mine. I had asked Holy Spirit for interpretation of a dream I had concerning the number 17. In my dream, I was getting rid of clothes and shoes and selling them for $17. I came across a bright red leather coat that I put on before putting it up for sale. When I it on, the coat turned a bright red and fit me, and it was as if the coat was hugging me. I also noticed that several pairs of shoes, that I decided not to sell. I looked over where the shoes where and saw two hands laying down a new foundation made of cement on the ground floor of the house – Shawn

Thank you! This word was just right for me and so profound – Marna

This is simply beautiful and real encouragement from you.  I love the reference to the number 8 and 2+2.  Number 8 is the number of the new place for me, and it is New Beginnings for ME!  Bless you, and thank you – Pat

Love this!

So needed to hear it.  Praise the Lord.

Thank you! Thank you! – Chany

It sure caused me to reflect as to where I was standing with the Lord. Your last two paragraphs offer such hope and encouragement. I appreciate all that you have shared with us. I will seek the Lord in a profound way this afternoon. I am led to do this and to be more proactive than I have been with the LORD. This has been in my thoughts for some time. I have turned more His way in all that I do. Yet, I need to fully turn and commit. With the Lord by my side and on my side, this will be possible and will be so very much what I desire to do with all my heart. I want to be as close to our LORD as I possibly can – Therese

This is AWESOME!! And you put in words the revelation in my heart. 

I’ve tried to say it’s body ministry time, every joint to supply, but that falls short too.

It’s time for spectator Christianity to go – Maria